Uillean Harp

Uilleann Harp - Young Catherine

Maarten Vanoutrive: Celtic Harp

Henk Coudenys: Uilleann Pipes Bb flatset built by Arie De Keyzer.

The recording of this traditional slow reel was made during a gig in some friends’ living room in Deinze, Belgium in 2019.

Uilleann Harp:

The Humours of Scariff & Lady An Montgommery

Maarten Vanoutrive: Celtic Harp

Henk Coudenys: mouth organ in D

Two traditional tunes.

The pictures used in this video were made by Michael Götze during a gig in the workshop of pipemaker Arie De Keyzer in Nevele, Belgium in March 2019.

Uilleann Harp - Walking the Woods

Maarten Vanoutrive: Celtic Harp

Henk Coudenys: Low whistle in F

I composed this tune as a tribute to the beauty of the woods in the Flemish Ardens, Eastern Flanders, which are tinged in blue and white every spring when the Bluebells and the Wood Anemones are flowering.

Maarten always gets lost during his walks in these woods, which translates itself into long improvisations. He also added an 18th century traditional Flemish tune in the middle – named Imperiael – which reminds me of the squirrels hunting eachother in the treetops.

The recording was made during a rehearsal in 2019 and is not even close to perfection. But who is? During the Corona Lockdown in 2020, I gathered every picture of the Flemish Woods I had ever made, to make this slide show.

Mandrake Solo

Mandrake Solo – Sanderslied

Henk Coudenys: Uilleann Pipes & Voice

One day I discovered that I was able to sing and play the uilleann pipes at the same time.

For this song I use an unusual chanter in C with a wide bore, built by Arie DeKeyzer, accompanied by the D-drones of my concert set in D.

The recording was made during a gig in Arie’s workshop ,after a tionol with Fergus Finnegan in 2016 in Nevele, Belgium.

Sanderslied is a traditional song collected in Western Flanders, which I sing in the dialect of Bruges. It tells the story of a travelling farmhand whose speciality is to help the farmer’s wives who are in need of getting pregnant and cannot depend on their own husbands for this.

I composed a tune called 'Het Minnespel' (which translates approximately as 'the game of making love' as a musical intersection, which is played at the end of the song.


Mandragora : The Drummer Boy

CD: Bal du Rat

My contribution to this song consists of some improvisation on the bluesharp.

Mandragora split somewhere in the nineties of last century. I was a founding member in 1987, quit the band after a couple of years and rejoined them for the promotion tour of the CD Bal du Rat.